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Ventura, CA 93001

RGS Design Studio, Inc. is a full service design firm founded in 2002, since its priority has been to provide clients with the best design alternative. RGS Design as experience satisfying a variety of complex design needs and project types, including; small accessory structures, new custom homes, residential additions, remodeling, commercial tenant improvements, retail, office, restaurants, dental clinics, agricultural buildings, and landscaping for residential and commercial. RGS offers concept planning, documentation and management for all projects. Through the founder's previous work experience includes; multifamily residential and medical facilities. We have developed special expertise with Code Compliance projects, in which case an agency has given the owner a "stop work" notice, or has deem the structure non-compliant. We, in these cases meet the requirements stipulated by the agency until the violation is abated, and often represent and advocate for the owner at hearings and committees. We adhere to the principles of efficiency, expediency and thoroughness in our practice and in each of our projects.


RGS brings together a group of qualified and licensed professionals; Designers, Landscape Architects, Civil, Structural engineers, Electrical and Mechanical engineers who work independently, but joint effort to support your project. We have a selected list of professionals, including artists, builders, and craftsmen to provide unified design and seamless processes.

RGS founder, a 24 year resident of Ventura has a background in Architecture, Commercial / Advertising & Graphic Design Production Art. Entrepreneur at 21 he started his first enterprise in commercial and publishing artwork.

He's an alumni of the School of Architecture at the University of San Carlos of Guatemala in Guatemala City, held positions as drafstman, engineer's assistant, and field inspector at structural and electrical engineering firms, fulfilling assignments in Institutional , hospitals, retail, and industrial projects.
He studied Interior Design, Construction Technology & Architecture, earning an Associates in Science Architecture degree from Ventura College in Ventura, California. He also took studies in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design from the USGBC, and worked for architectural firms doing residential, commercial and industrial assignments. He has conducted travel-studies through Spain, Italy, France, and Morocco, is affiliated member of the USGBC C-4 regional chapter , and has lead RGS for 12 years, he is dedicated, hard working, innovator, motivated by challenge with eye for color, and detail.


We are a flexible group who adapts to the demand, work flow, and technology. RGS Design team members work independently at different locations, using their specialized skills to complete the projects required tasks and deadlines. This approach produces faster turnaround, and maintain competitiveness.

RGS has one main office and two virtual offices, maintaining coordination and channels of communication through cloud digital, voice and live camera sessions. Person to person meetings are scheduled to keep track of project progress and deadlines. Also has a labor force to assist with on demand landscape services and construction. This team is comprised of experienced master masons, gardeners, painters, and carpenters, each experienced and dedicated for any challenging job.

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