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Ventura, CA 93001

Since our inception in 2002 we wanted to be part of a larger whole and to make a diference. We realize that the world we live in is interconnected more so than 30 years ago, the choices we make in our communities when renovating or building affect other areas in society; development and growth have an impact on our economies, natural resources, on climate, and our history. For these reasons we decided to participate in discussions where those issues are treated seriously and the debate of the conglomerate strives for good solutions and balance.

We participate in groups engaged in setting standards for better building, preserving and respecting the environment, while promoting healthy economies. Through the Economic Development Committee at the Chamber of Commerce, we stay current with relevant project proposals that affect the economic health and growth of our community, giving us the opportunity to have an input on those issues. Our membership in the US Green Building Council (USGBC) National keep us current with the most innovative methods for green design and the LEED rating system, allowing us to advocate and promote sustainability. Our membership in the USGBC C4 regional Chapter covering the San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties allow us to be in dialogue with other professionals interested in expanding green education, development, best building practices and direct implementation of these into new or existing structures.


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