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Ventura, CA 93001

New Residential, Commercial Renovations,
Interior Planning, Lighting &
Garden Design, Remodeling, Additions, Consulting,
Permits, Drafting,
3D Modeling.


The balance of cost and quality and working within a specific budget are an important part of our goals, as well as standing by our commitment to use emerging technologies and products. The insistence on preservation as the way to divert building material from landfields is a systematic approach that we intend to voice at every opportunity, in hopes that builders and owners become more aware of the opportunity at hand in creating eco-friendly, comfortable and inspiring spaces. We are fostering a standard of excellence by providing the best service and counsel to everyone.

We are committed to promote better treatment to our planet by the use of alternate transportation, maximizing open space, reducing heath island effect, conserving water, using efficient irrigation, improving indoor air quality, using paints and materials with low or no VOC, implementing innovative trends for interiors, recycling or reusing of resources, specifying FSC woods and rapid renewable materials, and to guide clients about green strategies under the LEED system.

We are sensible to renewable efficient energy, sustainability and innovation. We provide everyone the opportunity to have one stop planning-design-construction checkpoint, and are proud for contributing to a sustainable economy.

Our primary goals are client satisfaction through rigorous and clear documentation and outstanding service to those who entrust us with their assignments. Our promise is in staying informed and competitive, to keep current with the most up date laws and innovations, to offer a broad scope of services and strategies, and to enable better programing. We strive for effective alternatives at a reasonable budget without compromising quality or efficiency. We are optimistic the combination of these options will turn into an opportunity for homeowners, entrepreneurs, and investors in achieving their goals.

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